Sat Nam !

“There is nothing more beautiful than a learned Woman”

Yogi Bhajan


Divine Woman is providing you with the knowledge, technology and wisdom of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and Karam Kriya, the science of applied numerology to live your full potential and your Divine Identity as a woman.


In the Aquarian Age (also called the New Age) the strength of woman lies in her awareness of the essential figure she is and represent in the world as well as the impact she can have on her environment just by her presence. The Future is feminine (Yogi Bhajan) and it starts now !


If we want to change the world, we need to change ourselves: transform our limitations, train our mind, evolve with the times in being ahead of the times, stand up for our deepest inner values!
If we see that something is missing, we shall bring it ourselves.


The transformation of woman depends not only through her personnal comitment to developement but also through a strong, solidary common unity with other women.


Only then, with her sisters, mothers, daughters, guides, can she destroy the chains she herself put around her neck for thousands of years of jalousy, envy, competition, judgement, mistrust, conspiracy.

Each Woman-without exception is the molder of the world, she is the source of the Adi Shakti, the never ending flow of God’s grace and beauty, these are the principles we would like to honor here.

Until then you may contact me directly at: avtar@divinewoman.guru

"How many times did you really established your values and stand for them? How many times did you compromised, sell yourself top lease your environment, be „nice“, be the one who is not the real you? How many times did you find yourself undervalued and accepted it, even contribute to it? How much longer do you want not to respect your value and your values ?"

Yogi Bhajan

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