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Woman 4 Woman is an initiative from Women for Women which aims to provide women from different countries with the tools to rebuild their confidence through their skills and their work.


With the love for their work which will provide them with financial independency, and through the technology of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, they may recapture their identity and their dignity as Women of Godliness and walk in Life with confidence and Grace .


Although the project is rooted in the divinity and dignity of women all over the world it does not pursue any other objective than a humanistic one.

Through our common understanding and our work together as women, we wish to plant the seed of deep security that can lead to self-confidence, self-empowerment, and a essential financial  independency.


Our wish is to build  a Community of Women all around the planet. The principles of equality, service, altruism are for us the foundations to spread the Spirit of Peace in countries that are moved by unstable economical and political situations, and bring down the barriers of differences to focus on what we share.


We truly trust that the Future is Feminine and that it starts Today, with each of Us.


The Woman 4 Woman journey begins with a project for women from Pakistan living in Germany which includes Kundalini Yoga Training and the creation of a tailoring workshop both in Germany and Pakistan, through an associative structure which will be facilitated by women.

We are also planning a Kundalini Yoga training in Pakistan.

The entire sales price of our garments that we offer is donated to our charity project for women from Pakistan.
To know more about us and the project, or if you wish to contribute in any way, please contact me at


Woman 4 Woman is kindly supported by Sat Nam Europe (, and many other beautiful souls who contribute in their own way to make this world a better place through their deeds!


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